A responsive web design is an approach of creating a webpage that respond to or resize itself across wide range of devices with different width and resolution to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. These web designs responds to the requirement of the user by changing the layout of the website according to the device that is being used. Responsive web design has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.

Why should you go for responsive web design?

The days when your website was solely being viewed from desktops are over. Today more than 85% of the web users search the internet on mobile devices and with the constantly growing technology, Google strongly recommends responsive web designs to enhance user experience and in turn increase conversions.

A wide range of screen sizes are available today across different desktops, smartphones and tablets. With newer inventions every day, screen sizes constantly keep changing and it is essential to have a website that adapts dynamically across devices of different screen sizes. Designing websites that adapt to display on all devices from large monitors to small smartphones and tablets means everyone, on every device, becomes your potential customer. A professional and a smartly designed responsive website will create an excellent first impression on your customers and communicate your competent approach to business. If your website does not fit all screen sizes then you are losing some serious business online. Responsive web design is crucial for your business growth as it makes users come back to the website repeatedly and you just have to maintain one website for infinite devices.

Why is it wise to opt for a responsive web design? - Here are some stats

There are over 2.08 billion smartphone users in 2016.
The global mobile data has crossed 3.7 Exabyte per month.

Responsive vs Adaptive Website Design

Responsive website provides optimal viewing experience no matter on what device it is being viewed. The same layout will automatically respond to different sizes. Adaptive websites on the other hand has several distinctive layouts for multiple screen layouts. There are different layouts for mobile phones, tablets and desktops which are made in advance. The site detects the type of device that is being used and delivers the layout to suit the device. Adaptive designs don’t always display well on different screen sizes and if there are any new screen size you will have to edit the layout or add a new one whereas responsive sites are guaranteed to work well on any screen size including the new ones that are yet to come. Responsive sites are flexible enough to work on their own. Responsive sites load faster than adaptive as it needs to load only one layout that works perfectly well for all possibilities. In case of adaptive sites, they have to load all the different layouts and lodging those extra layouts takes extra time and resources. Responsive websites are safer option to go for as the design favour dynamic adaption to different browsers with the flexibility of changing layouts and contents all the way.

Advantages of a responsive website

1. A responsive web design enhances the visual experience across different devices ranging from desktops to smartphones without any scrolling therefore delivering a quality user experience.

2. It is easy to manage, less time consuming and cost effective as no separate website has to be created for mobile users and one site fits across all screen.

3. These effective designs are device independent and avoids loss of content when viewed from different devices without any elements being hidden.

4. You can effortlessly reach out to larger number audience thereby increasing your sales and conversion rates.

5. With a single responsive website you can strengthen your SEO and gain better ranking in Google search.

Why choose our responsive web design Services in Bangalore?

Our team of designers create unique responsive designs which will seamlessly fit any screen and compel the visitors to stay on your webpage.
With our fluid layout of website, it can easily adapt itself across all devices creating a great user experience.
We keep our designs simple and user friendly thereby grabbing more potential customers.
We specify perfect call to actions based on Conversion Optimization Strategy and buyers Psychology.
With our wealth of expertise, we understand your requirements and business goals to design personalised website features.
We are committed towards timely delivery, quality service and customer support.

Why choose our responsive web design Services in Bangalore?

  1. We plan across the departments.
  2. We collaborate with the team of our content writers, designers and strategists and with our team effort we design a unique website. We effectively plan content, coding,design and bring together a great website. We make sure that your website is a perfect balance of a great design and organised, effective and well-structured content.

  3. We prioritise the content in clear cut hierarchy.
  4. Prioritising the content is a major part of responsive web design. When the layout of a desktop browser shrinks to hand-held size, content gets jumbled. A wide, multi-column web page is squeezed into a single-column mobile page. Assigning priority levels to content will create a structure that assures your most important content rises to the top.

  5. Filtering content down to mobile site.
  6. We work over the content several times with reader in mind. We break the content into vertical chunks that can be placed side by side which will allow users to scan the site easily.

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