Email Marketing

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Email marketing campaign services at 5ines offers a complete solution to reach desired subscribers and customers of any business and enterprise. We go through the complete process of defining strategy, conceptualization, template designs, testing and deployment, monitoring campaign and analytical inputs for effective prospect targeting

Benefits of email marketing

Compared to the other mainstream marketing channels, email marketing benefits here with its cost effectiveness, it’s lower in comparison to other channels. Here everything is online so there is no printing or posting cost, not any exposure cost for magazines or billboards. Yes some specialist tools are there to automate the process, to track and evaluate collection of emails. But this is worth investment as sending thousands of mail in one go saves a lot of time and there is no chance of missing any subscriber or prospects.
Target fans of your brand
Luckily email marketing is one of the channels that customers willingly ask to receive. Generally most of the businesses send emails to those who have subscribed to receive them. This is a good practice as it allows for higher conversion rates as that business is targeting only those who have shown interest in their services and product. Yes they can send mails to others also but this is not going to work and it will only annoy the email receivers. This does not only wastes the time and resources, but also damages the brand name and reputation.
As email marketing advances, professional segregate their email receivers as only those who have signed up for newsletters. But here also we can go one step further. We can segment the email receivers who meet some criteria. It could be done based on certain areas of particular geographical location, or interest of services like sports or clothing trends. Email segmentation works flawlessly for the brands that have deep information about their subscribers and customers. It also increases the engagement rate.
Calls to action
Email marketing often leads to impulse buying, and it’s a great advantage of it. Call-to-actions is the most contributing element in achieving impulse buying. There are some effective ways to use call-to-actions in email marketing. We create and position the CTAs in such a way that grabs people mind and tells them clearly what they need and what they want to do here. At what interval and how to use CTAs, we know it best as we often perform A/B testing in our email campaigns to identify best working elements.
Easy to create
It seems tough to get into the inboxes of thousands of customers and subscribers, but really it’s easy when we create the campaigns effectively. And it does not needs a huge team of technical and marketing team to manage the campaigns. It just requires some designing knowledge to setup an email campaign with perfect designed template, logos, images and videos. It also depends on the kind of service or product you are offering. For some campaigns rather than a fancy one, plain template works great to get conversions.
Easy to share
Unlike other online marketing channels it’s very easy to share email offers. Suppose any of your friend got an amazing offer with email and he knows you are also interested in offers something like that, that time he simply forwards that mail to you, nothing much. In that case your friend is like an advocate from that business. Also when you find the social sharing links on the template itself, just thing how easy it gets to share on so many platforms. It increases brand credibility let more people know about a brand.
When it comes to reach customers globally spread in earth, there are many tools and online channels that let to send your messages to anyone. Social media channels like Facebook, twitter and Google plus helps you connect with global audience ad share your message. But do you know how many of them your desired leads and customers are, you don’t even know who read your message. In email marketing you know who your audience is and you are assured about most of them reading your email.
Since email is a fast transfer mode of message, a business can expect views within minutes of the emails being sent. Time bound offers often work fruitfully with email marketing, as it reaches the subscribers within minutes and it convinces them to take immediate actions by creating a sense of urgency. When it comes to the other channels like broadcast campaigns or print media, you have to wait for weeks and yet you are not sure which platform got you few customers, email marketing has full control on it.
Return on investment
The last and the main thing is how much returns an investment got for a business. Results with good returns matter, nothing less than that. In email marketing, a business does not just get ROI, it gets multiple times of return on investment. The cost in email marketing campaign is optimal, for automation software, designs and bandwidth. It’s nothing in comparison with the amount of profit a business makes after running a successful email campaign within the desired span of time. It assures you a great ROI.

SMS Marketing

To reach more people within a minute or less than that, SMS marketing is an unbeatable marketing channel. Approx. 95% of texts are read within 5 minutes of receipt. Not only it’s cost effective, there are many other beneficial features of SMS marketing.

Instant Deliverability

SMS gets delivered swiftly to anyone any part of a geographical location. You can reach your subscribers within seconds of your message sent. A SMS gets delivered in less than 7 seconds, the average time for any SMS service provider. You cannot say that other marketing channels are not fast, but nothing can beat the speed delivery of SMS. The best thing is you get to know who received the marketing SMS.

Flexible Platform

Either send messages to a targeted group or send thousands of SMS to a predefined list of subscribers, an efficient SMS campaign service lets you customize the text messages easily as per the needs of your SMS subscribers. Add a promotional message or any industrial update, SMS casts itself to whatever the needs of any business are. Some SMS services are easily integrate with other online marketing strategies.

High Open Rate

In opening rate, SMS marketing leaves even email marketing behind. It has a highest opening rate than any other marketing channel. It’s because emails are accesses while online and users have to go deep in the inboxes of mail. SMS gets delivered directly to the screen of a mobile and it gets the attention. Statistics shows almost all SMS is opened and read by subscribers where some emails remain unopened.

High Conversion Rate

Since the opening rate of SMS is higher than any other online marketing platform, the conversion rate is also higher here. Whether your SMS is promotional, informational or any contest; the actions taken in SMS marketing are very high than any other marketing or promotional strategies. Internet is not necessary to receive SMSs so it can reach almost anyone, you just need subscriber's number.


SMSs are reliable as they are not carriers of any unsolicited kind of thing. SMS does not have to face the difficulty, unlike emails, of spamming and other filters. Also there is not any barrier between your customers and you. There is a direct connection with your customers than any other marketing strategy. You can reach them without worrying about time priorities

Short Messages

As it tells it’s a short message service, it is restricted to 160 characters-length of interval after that the sending cost multiply itself. But it is the marketers who utilise this 160 characters efficiently and prove it a boon for their campaigning strategy. It lets you be clear to pint and concise. Your customers get to read the intention directly rather than reading unnecessary content.

Cool Factor

SMS marketing seems to be a strategy which increases company’s credibility. Statistics reveal that large demographics of subscribers have turned to SMS and abandoned emails. So you can show your clients that you are keeping the pace with technology by sending targeted SMS for promotion. Not even that SMS marketing is a tool that is highly effective in local area marketing.

Limitless Market Potential

It an obvious question that no one knows how many mobile users is out there, nobody knows but they are uncountable. As the time is going and technology is getting mobile only, people are communicating with mobile more. The market potential is limitless in SMS marketing as all the demographics consist of users who access information on mobile. SMS marketing is also regarded as marketing gold mine.

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