We believe in striving for perfection to get market trends live in your projects, and we do love to do it.

5ine Web Solutions was started on September 5th 2012. We started our journey with 5 people, 5 main services, registered on 5th, our first website 5ine.in was launched on 5th September. Fortunately, our first sale was achieved on 5th itself. Our journey was really inspiring and it will be exciting even in coming future also. We constantly update our skills to make meaningful engagements and digital experiences with our esteem clients. We engage and guide according to the needs of your company. We want to best serve your company and endeavours through systematic and financial components that seamlessly blends with your crafted concepts. We believe that successful businesses have more responsibilities to give back; we’re grateful to have opportunities to apply our expertise and experiences toward the goodness in communities where we live and work. We strive for excellence with every aspect and task we produce, web projects we build, or strategies we create; but the reality is we achieve it most of the time, in time. We started our business with no investment and we had an intention to not to have funding from anyone either angels or family. We trio being main roles @5ines invested more of our time in researching on new trends and started working collaboratively on all our services. We are so enthusiastic that each of us has hands on experience on all our services. Even though we have departments assigned to look after we are very curious to learn other services as well. There is a crucial reason to be enthusiastic! Are you thinking why? It’s because we didn't want to say our customer, I don't know about this can I check and confirm you. Our main focus is to provide in depth knowledge on how our services works and what they can expect from us.

Hope you are thinking who are these trio?

Santhosh B S

Managing Director

Santhosh B S

Champion Emerges Mr Santhosh is a Managing Director of 5ines.

When I was a student I used to create innovative concepts and whenever there was a challenging job I used to be a volunteer. I love to take risks and that to not beginner level risks but I always aim for high level risks.

“I was known as grasping expert” during my engineering days because I used to grab and grasp very soon, used to be rewarded for the same. Being worked on SEO, Web Developer i used to feel disappointed that the employers used to not encourage out of box thinking so i got a thought why shouldn't i start my own company and offer innovative solutions for businesses. From then me, My friends Ms. Ramya and Mr.Sunil we trio started 5ines.

I design creatively beautiful websites, I specialize in web and app design, frontend development, user experience, and creating identities and branding & Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing Manager

“I hold a title as chatter box”

I love to discuss, talk more on interesting topics, i am passionate in marketing because it's very challenging and i have a passion of networking. Wherein I meet new people and recognize industrial problems, and craft an effective strategy to overcome problems. We offer Digital Solutions for the brands. I am addicted to reading and writing. I contribute articles and blogs to 5ines guest content marketing & Influencer marketing process.

I am very optimistic and i haven't stepped backward as i don't know this task, i can't do, till now in my entrepreneurial journey. I take up all new tasks and finish happily and spread that knowledge across the team members. I will grab a chair sit with the team to understand creative concepts and we are like family members we enjoy as if we are of single family. Each time i step into the office i feel i am entering my home because i can see a smile on everyone’s face and they greet and welcome me happily and i love to sit in the workstation than in my cabin. I am flexible in working schedules. We will have every weekend the knowledge session where everyone will share whatever they have learnt newly in that week. I also train and provide internships for the students who have a passion to learn our services.


Sunil Kumar K M

Sunil Kumar K M

“Hard work and smart work create a perfect mingle along with patience and acceptance to achieve something called excellence”

Are you thinking why I have used this title above? Yes, in our company I often hear my mates saying that I am an ultimate smart & hard worker in our company who manages almost all the tasks at 5ine. I am an inspiration for the team members who work restlessly without even thinking of lunch/dinner. I should not say like this about me but if I can influence even a single person, I’ll think it as an achievement.

I will always spend my time with the team and I am a person who loves to do more research and try out new things and then wait for result. I implement 101 things in order to get good results. Most of the times I am successful in implementing and I have got mind blowing results. I love to code and I handle Web development, Web Support and Operations. I love to meet my clients and spend some time with them to understand if they have any support from our end and i will be assist our clients politely even if it's midnight. There are times when we had answered our client’s errors by 3.00 am and made them happy. Our main goal is customer satisfaction we are ready to do anything for that.

Whatever we do it will be customer centric. Our main vision or mission is to keep our customers happy and outreach their expectations.
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